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Keeping improving, we have been able to reclaim desert for more than ten years.
Excellent quality, precipitate the essence of Mongolian fluorspar. Bluspar Fluorspar, go ahead!

  • 97%/98%Fluorspar Powder

    High-quality fluorspar powder, self-own mineral resources to ensure a sustained and stable supply of raw materials, raw materials and minerals have the characteristics of easy separation, low impurity content, low harmful elements, etc. The maximum monthly supply can reach 8,000 tons.

  • Fluorspar Ore Lumps

    This series of products are mainly used in large metallurgical enterprises as solvents for steelmaking and aluminium production. The processing method including manual screening, crushing, etc. The maximum monthly supply can reach 2,000 tons.

  • Dry Grinding Fluorspar Powder

    Our dry grinding powder is made of high-quality fluorspar raw ore by Raymond mill fine grinding, particle size can reach 80-325 mesh (designated by the customer's requirement), the product is mainly used in glass fiber and special electric welding rod production.

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    Plant Site: Mongol Uls Dornogovi Aimag Ikh-khet Sum Zuun Tsagaan Del Bayjuulah Uildver
    China Office: Rm 602, No. 188 East Nandan Rd., Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

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    +976 9526 1858 (Mongolia)
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    +86 139 0178 3809 (China)

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